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                    “As Yet Unborn”  


A clever blend of modern rock sounds, saturated with memorable hooks, harmonious riffs, chest pounding rhythms and irrepressible vocal harmonies.  This is the core of Knoxville, Tennessee’s emerging artist Thoroughfare and their debut full length album “As Yet Unborn”.


A progressive, Alternative-Modern Rock LP capable of wooing rock, pop, and modern rock fans alike in multiple demographics, “As Yet Unborn” is as pure, hard rocking, and emotional as it gets.


With thick layers of electric instrumentation complimented by intelligent keyboards all fronted by Jordan Beach’s trademark style, and signature voice.  The new Thoroughfare full length album is in the “Sounds Like” category of Incubus, Sick Puppies, and Three Days Grace.


Sonically superior in every way, this record is tightly arranged and produced by multi platinum legendary producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D, Pillar, Disciple).  With two tracks (Reverie and Chemical Road) produced and arranged by acclaimed Grammy™ nominated engineer/producer David Ivory (Atlantic Records) (Silvertide, Halestorm, The Roots, Patti LaBelle).


Beach’s vocal capacity to belt out a heavy dose of authority for those fat and driving power chords and then take it down a few notches to offer some class and sensitivity to his approach and style gives the band a broad paintbrush musically.


Here is an LP that rocks the soul, and uplifts the spirit within the listener.  This is the LP that is totally contagious, and the one you always crave after the first listen.  This is the genius of Knoxville’s Thoroughfare.



Key Selling Points:

·        Produced by multi-platinum selling producer Travis Wyrick and Grammy™ nominated engineer/producer David Ivory

·        National Press Mailing of 300 CDs – Allure Media Relations

·        College & Mainstream Radio Handled By Allure Media

·        Touring Throughout 2007-2008 With P/R Tour Support

·        In-store play copies / P.O.P. available

·        Available for In-stores on tour route




Rockpie Records


As Yet Unborn”  

Produced by Travis
Wyrick and David Ivory


Track Listing:

1.  Is It Alright                  (3:46)

 2.  Let You Know              (3:07)

 3.  The Value                    (4:09)

 4.  Stand Back                   (3:16)

 5.  Why Don’t You             (3:41)

 6.  The Only thing             (3:27)

 7.  Reverie                        (3:39)

 8.  Let It Out                     (4:06)

 9.  Chemical Road             (4:54)

10. Tell Me How You Feel  (2:46)
11. Spoke Out                    (4:23)



Title:               As Yet Unborn
Release Date:  03/01/08
Format:           CD
Catalog No.      FL-244

Suggested List:$10.97

File Under:      Modern Rock




UPC  # 8-37101-41162-2



Label Contact:  Rockpie Records
Rockpie Records, Inc
645 W. 54th St.  New York, NY 10098
Contact:  Cecil Holmgrin
PH: 212-555-8799   FX: 212-555-8798

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